I have written two books as part of a series. Brandon Marlowe and the Spirit Snatcher and Brandon Marlowe and the Alpha in the Omega. In the later I identify by name Jesus Christ as not only a character but in fact a villain of the story line. If you want to know how I did that you'll just have to read the books :P

Here's what I'm curious about. What are your reactions as atheists to the usage of Jesus Christ, a mythological figure, in storytelling?

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I always find it interesting when authors use religious figures that people still believe in in fictional contexts.  The first books I remember that did this were Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series, which are science fiction/fantasy/romance hybrids. I was still pretty young when I read them and still hadn't rejected the idea of a god, so I at first found it pretty shocking that Piers Anthony depicted the devil as just a job that a human could fill. More recently, I read the His Dark Materials trilogy, that directly casts the church and god and the angels as the bad guys, so Jesus as a villain seems like a believable continuation of that.

Tom Robbins did it in his novel, Another Roadside Attraction. And, it was incredibly funny. There's a scene where Jesus gets into a philosophical argument with Tarzan, which is one of the most hilarious things I've ever read. 

Look at that... learning stuff already. I'm interested to find what else is out there.

Is there any other way to use Jesus, but as a fictional character?

I feel using Jesus as a character in a book or movie the same way I feel about someone using Thor (not a great movie) or Superman (First one was good) or Spiderman (I do like the Spiderman series), etc.  I'd like to see Jesus as a guest on AMC's "The Walking Dead".  As the worlds most famous Zombie, Jesus should fit the story line perfectly. 




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