Trijicon, the Michigan-based manufacturer of the controversial "Jesus code" ACOG rifle scopes used by the US military, issued a statement today (Jan. 21) offering to "voluntarily stop putting references to scripture on all products manufactured for the U.S. military – and will provide, free of charge, 100 modification kits to the Pentagon to enable the removal of the references that are already on products that are currently deployed."


The story also includes videos on the very different takes of the Bible-coded gun-sight scandal; One from Al-Jazeera and one from Fox News. (read & watch here)

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Whose fartingly bright idea was it to do this in the first place?
A Jesus-freak gun nut no doubt.
The founder of Trijicon, himself, who prides himself and the running of his company on such high moral principles....

Wow the incredible stupidity and biased reporting of Fox "News:" "They started it." The Al-Jazeerar report was far more fair and balanced. Our whole nation should be ashamed about Fox News.
Why do you suppose that:

  • I call it "Faux Noise"?
  • I utterly REFUSE to watch it?
So according to Faux the people putting the christian bible verse on the gun site are equitable to suicide bombers. Well, sometimes they hit the truth on accident.



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