so, I grew up Jewish and although now an atheist, am not particularly steeped in knowledge of Christianity or concerns about it.  With that said, once in awhile I wonder, if Jesus even existed, who his dad was.

How does the storyline go?  Mary tells Joseph that she's going to have a child, or some-such?  Are they married yet or just about to be?  Is Joseph being not-bright in believing her as to the baby not having a conventional father?  Is this what she says?  Maybe he just appears to believe her?

Could the dad have been just about anyone?  A Roman soldier, or some buddy of Joseph's or who-knows?  If a Roman, then I guess that might mean that Jesus was only partly Jewish, I guess.

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Many times I hear things about Jesus and his father. The Christian world thinks it was god almighty who had a little fun with Mary, then Jesus was born. Others claim that Mary made up the greatest lie in the world to save herself from shame. (Men must have really been stupid, huh?) In fact, the scripture says Mary found herself with child by the Holy Spirit of god. What does this really mean?

Most likely it means she was pregnant before her and Joseph married and the scripture wording is a way of saying it is all OK. They were going to marry anyway. Joseph is a religious man and full of the spirit of god. Keep in mind that nothing about the "Messiah" was meant to be supernatural. If Jesus was the one he would not be a god/man. (These ideas came later.) Jesus would have a lineage going back into the great kings of old, coming from the blood lines of Israel's greatest rulers.

Who was Jesus' father? We find scriptures tracing his genealogy through Joseph. This humble man had his roots in the wise kings of old. Why would this record be given if an invisible sky daddy was really the father? The Messiah was to be a literal earthly king and not a half super being from the heavens.

There is another genealogy given also that some great apologists decided later was the record of Jesus through the line of Mary. Actually it was confusion and a mistake. No self respecting Jew of the time would give lineage through a female. This simply would not happen.

With many claims of a Messiah at the time, we find that this man Jesus was one of them. His birth is recorded in such a way as to show he is worthy of being Messiah. The legend that surrounds all of this turned into the myth of it all today. Jesus turned into the "god/man" that saved us all. Only the Jews understood that the Messiah was not a supernatural man. How could they ever believe the nonsense that was recorded about Jesus and his birth?

The bible is myth but many claim to get a new revelation from it almost daily. I'll take the real world.

 Michael of course gave an excellent response. We really don't know who Jesus was or if he was a composite of many or from what era he originates. Some Christians believed he was from 100 hundred years before orthodox Christian beliefs. Who was his father? Who knows was it one person or one legend? We will never know. We do have traditions today that must be dealt with. The origin of these traditions are completely unknown. So there you have it we can not know or answer what we do not know.   Unfortunately, Christians attempt to answer what they do not know with authority. This certainly does not help. What was king author's mother's middle name? Kelly of course. I just made that up. But dare to prove me wrong!!!!

Your answer is very true here also. If there was a real Jesus what era was he from? Who knows? My answer was simply trying to unite the scripture genealogy because whoever wrote that was desperately trying to make this Jesus a flesh and blood Messiah while mythology over the centuries wants to make him the living god in human form. I'm not sure that was the original plan. Messiah never came but there were many reported contenders. There is also a great possibility that the Romans might stop Jewish rebellion if they could hint that the people executed their own Messiah. This would explain writings showing up after 70 AD and also explain why Jesus told his followers that some of them would yet be alive when he came into his Kingdom. It's pretty hard to do that when you are dead.

yeah, that gets to a bit of what I was thinking.




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