I have this question running in my head and since I don't want a stupid question from a christian, I decided to ask all of you.

Why do they say Jesus died for our sins? which sins? and how and why where they forgiven?

But why if I wasn't even born yet!
He died for the sins of my future children?
I really need and explanation!

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I don't think it's suppose to make any sense. That's why believing it requires faith, not logic.
I guess, and that's what makes explanations like this extremely funny: "Christianity - The belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree..."
The idea is that his execution is substitute punishment for the sins of anybody who beeelieeeves in him.
Its basically Religious guilt trip 101. It makes a Jesus a martyr for humankind, so you have no choice but to believe in him. Usually when a person says it, it is with conviction, therefore trying to increase the guilt trip.
Because you are cursed by God. That's how it works, and end of talk....

I'm kidding.

Also, don't forget about Original Sin (Adam and Eve)

There that catechism finally came in handy.
Couldn't have put it better my self.
I read an inresting article on this that suggested the "for" is likely to be a mistranslation and the original word was probably something closer to "because."
I don't think people want to think about that unhappy alternative.

What I always wanted to know about their logic though, is why they think he went to heaven. If he took on every sin of every person past and future who said they accepted him into their hearts wouldn't he be in hell burning eternally?
J3Züz Inç._5LAv3S (or at least hold back coexistence through mythical fear)
even after you die so I hear. that's what they push at funerals.

Died? You mean executed by his peers. From what I'm seeing these days kids are going to rise up and smash the crap out of hardline religious organizations when the peers try to tazer them for leaving the flock.
And or, give them pills to control them. And or, drop them off at homeless shelters...
Folks, I for one knew that art/skateboard/music was the only way to free my mind from that stone-age crap they tried to cram down my noggin sitting in the pews; I watched the flock to the deeds for better scores on their conduct/grades etc.. boy were those lame years! Enough is enough; China's doing 2gigawatts of solar fields, c'mon; religion won't run our energy network; GET TO READING AND LOBBYING!
It's not supposed to really make sense... not the kind of sense we hold as rational anyhow.

It's supposed to instil a feeling of guilt in you. That you've somehow squandered someone's trust.

The whole religion relies on feelings of guilt and inadequacy to survive... is it really any surprise that they put such a thing in their literature?




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