I'm impressed!  The last time I saw photos of Jesus, he had long flowing locks.  Damn hippie!  Tonight I came home to this circular:

Almost trendy!  At least it's not a mullet!  

Jesus has really cleaned up his act.  A goatee would be better, but hey, this is 2013 and full facial hair is in again.  Plus, it's nicely trimmed, if full.

I remember reading somewhere, Jesus didn't really have the Tiny Tim hair style anyway.  Something about, being a carpenter, the long hair was in danger of getting caught in his band saw or power drill and then he would need to miracle himself.

Not sure of his ethnicity - Alsatian maybe?  

Well, at least everyone is smiling.  They all have nice white teeth, too!  Another of Jesus miracles, detailed in the book of Crest.

Then there's the 6-pack abs.  How did he get those?  Must be the fishing.  Hard work hauling in those nets.  I haven't had abs like those since I was 33.

Probably not the response the mysterious visitors wanted.  I wish they were here so I could discuss "Brad Pitt Jesus" with them.  He's much sexier than he was before his make-over.

Maybe next time.  I always think of the best thing to say hours, even days, later anyway.

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Based on evidence of his existence a more likely picture of jeebus is

It's a striking likeness - must be a photograph taken from life.

I wish his followers photographed equally as well.

Send that to the Jackson (Michigan? Ohio?) Middle school.  They're having a hissy-fit because the FFRF told them that a tacky (mass-produced print) of an anonymous model titled "Head of Christ" did not belong in the entryway of a public school...so the school board took it out of the Middle School, and hung it up in the high school.  As IF that made a difference.

I think you can see a copy of the silly thing hanging in every protestant Sunday school classroom in the US.

Go to full-size image

I think you're right.  Maybe the eyes should be a little darker.

Maybe Mary was short, dark and Jewish, but what if the god was tall and blond?  Just saying.  It's all silly anyway.

You have to ask them if their god had/has testicles, and DNA that is compatible with human DNA.  I mean...I have wondered for years where a "ghost" got ANY chromosomes at all, and if Jesus was the result of actual parthenogenesis, totally derived from one of Mary's ova, then he would have to have been a female.

God would have to have testicles.  He made Adam in his image, and adam had'em too.

Yeah, but what did he use them for?  Maybe he played a lot of pocket pool.


We're talking xtians here. If they buy the bible, they buy the jesus pics that look like Eric Clapton, HA!

These are great comments - very funny - Love to come here and read them.


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