I'm impressed!  The last time I saw photos of Jesus, he had long flowing locks.  Damn hippie!  Tonight I came home to this circular:

Almost trendy!  At least it's not a mullet!  

Jesus has really cleaned up his act.  A goatee would be better, but hey, this is 2013 and full facial hair is in again.  Plus, it's nicely trimmed, if full.

I remember reading somewhere, Jesus didn't really have the Tiny Tim hair style anyway.  Something about, being a carpenter, the long hair was in danger of getting caught in his band saw or power drill and then he would need to miracle himself.

Not sure of his ethnicity - Alsatian maybe?  

Well, at least everyone is smiling.  They all have nice white teeth, too!  Another of Jesus miracles, detailed in the book of Crest.

Then there's the 6-pack abs.  How did he get those?  Must be the fishing.  Hard work hauling in those nets.  I haven't had abs like those since I was 33.

Probably not the response the mysterious visitors wanted.  I wish they were here so I could discuss "Brad Pitt Jesus" with them.  He's much sexier than he was before his make-over.

Maybe next time.  I always think of the best thing to say hours, even days, later anyway.

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Analogously, how you can kill Professor Dumbledore, who never existed as a person in the real world? It can happen in fiction.

Reminds me of a cartoon:

Man finds a Holy Bible shelved under Fiction: 'An outrage!... who shelved this here?!' He reshelves it: 'Ahh... that's better' -- the new section is Historical Fiction.BTW, the Library of Congress call number system puts Bibles (as well as commentary etc.) under "BS". (I am not making this up.)


LMAO.....I wonder what the "S" really stands for.  (I assume the Library of Congress doesn't use the Dewey Decimal System....?  When I was in high school I had an extra elective for one semester, so I chose Library Assistant, and loved it!  Except for repairing damaged textbooks.)

While looking at the Library of Congress list, I see that Judaism is listed under 'BM.'  That seems apropos as well. 

Carl, I see you are back and in full capacity! Your presence brings me pure joy!

Yes, welcome back, Carl.

More than you want to know, but here goes.

The Library of Congress uses its own classification system developed in the late nineteenth century. It is better than the Dewey Decimal System, providing a more exact classification that is infinitely expandable, and for that reason has become the system preferred in most large libraries such as those found in universities.

The letters at the beginning of the call number do not stand for anything. B covers all of Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion. LOC classification is by no means perfect. For example Logic is classified under B and Mathematics under Q so that mathematical logic would be very far from the rest of mathematics, except that an exception has been made to put it near the beginning of QA in QA9. However, that exception separates mathematical logic from the rest of logic. Aristotelian logic is classified under BC. At some universities that could mean that logic books are stored in two different libraries.

The cartoon disappeared; here's another copy:

Man finds a Holy Bible shelved under Fiction: 'An outrage!... who shelved this here?!' He reshelves it: 'Ahh... that's better' -- the new section is Historical Fiction.(image source)

Our local libraries have a separate section for Fantasy and Science Fiction...THAT's where I'd put all the religious books.  Maybe that's why I never could get a job as a library clerk, even though I passed the civil service exams...twice.

Felain, I am glad your J.W. sister brings laughter and not anger. I can survive if laughing. I think anger would generate murder or suicide for me.

I thought he looks like a young Mark Harmon (NCIS).

Yet another Nazi Aryan ideal Jesus. Oh, yeah, he really did look like this.

Based on the ethnicity and the time a more likely picture of jeebus is





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