I have been putting on weight even though I exercise every day (I walk my two big dogs every day and I have to walk them separately so I cover a lot of ground come rain, heat, snow, high humidity (Georgia), or cold, those dogs get their walk faithfully every day. One of them walks especially fast and has a tendency to pull alot for the first 10 mintues or so and the only reason I have not tried to correct him is I figure I could use the exercise.


I likes my goodies and I figured the exercise would keep things in check. Uh, apparently not so. You know I did not even realize I was gaining weight until the weather cooled and I pulled out my winter clothes and put on some jeans I have not worn since the weather warmed last spring and oh oh.


F**K! I was so pissed off. All that damn exercise and sweating and nearly heat stroking every day -what the hell!


Damn M&M's! and cookies, and cakes, and, well whatever... the point is GRRRRRR!


So I looked up Overeaters Anonymous and decided to go to a meeting because I cannot fathom giving up my junk food junkiness.


I read that they use 12 step and that if you do not believe in God you can replace him with something else such as nature, the group itself, something stronger than yourself, etc., and I figured I could deal with that.


So the meeting is in this Lutheran church in what is apparently a room usually used as a children's Sunday school room.


I'm sitting there looking at all the propaganda covering all the walls. I see all the Bible scriptures and colorful posters promoting prayer, etc,. and then there is this giant poster of this cartoon character (he looked like a hot pepper) so I don't know who he was but he was singing "Jesus is my Helper".


Well it's not like they could have him singing "Jesus is my helper but if I refuse his help.... (then have a picture of people screaming in agony in the eternal files of hell)" LOL


But it would be 100% accurate of their beliefs (well not all Christians of course, but I know that's what the Baptists and Pentecostals and Assembly of God and many others believe. I'm not sure about Catholics.   


I have been thinking about this today. It is true that we protect children from the harsher realities of life until they are developmentally ready to learn them. But the "harsher reality" of accepting the existence of an eternal firey hell and literally burning forever is beyond sanity. I think the Baptist church I went to started to teach this side of religion when I got to be about age 8 or 9 if I am remembering correctly.


I wonder what age religions generally accept as being appropriate to start teaching children about this particular concept of hell?




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This is a particular issue of interest to me as I had suffered as a child due to this teaching and also as a young adult until I left my faith.

At one time I joined the Mormon church because my fiance at the time was a Mormon and I wanted the harmony with his family. I really didn't take their teachings seriously at all but they seemed like nice enough people.

Before I was Baptised, the church required an interview with me (two young guys). I remember asking them about their concept of hell and they told me "Well we don't really like to focus on that because of it's negativity"! LOL - Is that not priceless or what!

I did get Baptised but I ended up not marrying the guy lol. But damn those Mormons kept coming to my house until finally I got so tired of running and hiding when they knocked on the door I told them straight up - I don't believe in your teachings any longer - do not come back to my home. They never did. I wonder if they have some kind of list or something lol.
They start young. A child is a child, and is EASILY molded. It is what it is.
Thanks for your input Fred.

You make me think of the movie "Fight Club". lol

I don't know if you saw that since you live out of the country, but there were people in the movie who were addicted to going to these types of meetings.

Great strange movie.




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