Ladies and Gentlemen! We have the honor of presenting, for your mindless, meaningless, stultifying, eyeball glazed, hypnotically moronic entertainment, a base, ignorant, bottom-of-the-barrel, pandering to the lowest common denominator of the uneducated masses, television show. We've stopped at nothing, stooping to a depth of degradation not seen since Bristol Palin tripped the light fantastic with all the grace and finesse of a crippled elephant being attacked by hyenas on the stage of "Dancing With the Stars."

Maestro, drumroll please!!!

Coming to a television screen near you this August 23rd, Let's Get Ready to Raptuuuuuure!! Jeff Foxworthy, the comedian who brought you knee slappin', down home humor about family incest, country fried ignorance, crushing poverty, and the joys of white trash living, is now the host of a new game show for the arm waving, tambourine banging, snake handling crowd.

American Bible Challenge is a new game show that Foxwothless will be hosting on the Game Show Network (GSN). The premise is to pit teams of bible thumpers against each other, playing for their favorite charities. Hang the African Gays may be one, but I haven't confirmed this. An example of a challenging intellectual puzzlers is:

"Who was was helped out in a wrestling match with a slingshot?" (hint - Goliath is one of the incorrect choices).

I'm wondering if we can get a group of us together, kick their rear ends with our knowledge of their holy book, and point out all the death sentences spelled out in Leviticus that should be handed down on the contestants? Just a thought.

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Oh crap!  I used to like that guy.  Amazing how someone can loose credibility so quickly.

As much as I hate the idea of this show, I would love to see an atheist compete. Just because they would probably win.

This is just another example of TV shows pandering to the lovers of the ocult and religion.  Shows about ghoste are all over the place.  When Steven Hawking debunked the idea of god creating the world on science channel, his detractors were allowed a full hour to vilify him.  What a world we live in! 

Oh great - just what we need - a bible challenge. Yuck!

I'm not a bible scholar, but I can answer most of the bible questions on Jeopardy.  Even so, I wouldn't want to watch this show or participate in it.  As Steph says, Yuck!

So?  Bring some friends along ... LOTS of friends!  Enough friends to make anyone else think twice.  What the old phrase?  Safety in NUMBERS?

It looks like people compete in teams, so at least you wouldn't have to go in there alone. 

I'd love to see a competition category based on Poe's law, where people would try to categorize load of these religious nutters as Real or Not Real. We pretty much know we can smash them at bible trivia (well, I can't but loads of atheists can) but can the fundies do any better than we can at telling crazy YouTube religious apart from wacky religious spoofs?

Actually, a game like this could be really fun for people like us - not just bible trivia but religious trivia in general, including both stuff from all the wacky holy books, and from the hideous history of religion, and a bonus Poe's Law round. Seriously, it's starting to sound super entertaining (in my mind). Penn could be the host, and various humanists could make comical guest appearances to present story questions. I think it could be quite enjoyable without the tiresome hyuck-hyucking of Jeff Foxworthy. 

I don't know the bible in detail because I have never read it. It doesn't interest me.

I am interested in natural history and ancient history.

I was forced to read it as a kid, and believe me, you haven't missed a thing.  It's a jumble of old myths and very poor "h1story".   I too am interested in the things you are.  Things that are verifiable.

As an ant in the Morg for 50 years, I read it from cover to cover at least once, and the Morg approved parts of it many times.  Had questions, but mostly believed it.  Now, It's hard to understand why I couldn't see it for the load of ungulate pucky it is.

What about forming an Atheist Team?  It would be certain to mop the floor with the typical ignorant Bible thumpers.


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