JESUS’ NATIVITY—Where Was Jesus Born? (And When?)

Psst. There’s something you should know about Christmas. The Christmas carols, we’re afraid, might have it wrong: Jesus, many New Testament scholars believe, was not born in Bethlehem but Nazareth.

Among scholars this view is no secret. But for some reason, the story is not often recounted outside the ivy-covered walls. Which is why we asked two experts to go public and explain both sides of the issue. We invited Steve Mason of Toronto’s York University to lay out the little-known but more widely accepted (there’s an oxymoron for you!) view that Jesus was born in Nazareth. Mason offers a fascinating lesson of the way scholars search for history in the biblical text in “O Little Town of ... Nazareth?”).

Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française in Jerusalem, takes a different tack in “Bethlehem ... Of Course,” delving into the archaeological, extrabiblical and gospel evidence in support of the long-cherished Bethlehem tradition.

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The oddest thing I find in all this is that they're debating the details of something that we aren't even somewhat convinced ever happened.
think of it as being like a debate about Luke Skywalker, or Frodo. They don't actually have to have existed for people to argue about them.
Exactly so, it's more literary criticism than anything else. If you've got the time to waste why not?
I thoroughly recommend this book: "Christ in Egypt: The Jesus-Horus Connection" by D.M. Murdock. I just got it and cannot put it down:

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