From the article:-

"Such artistic liberties have caused an uproar in Stephenville, prompting the university to close the performance to the public and add extra police security to the theater.

Due to safety concerns, the university is limiting attendance to the show to students and members of their families, Benedict said, and the play has been rescheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Saturday."

Interesting that it is felt wise to protect the interested parties from the all loving attentions of the more fundamental of the sheeple.

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This play seems to have been written to provoke outrage, so I'm not surprised.
I think it was written to provoke discussion, but the playwright hadn't understood the mentality of fundamentalism.
Anyone smart enough to know the alphabet in this nation would know just how pissed most christians would be at such a portrayal. Having said that, I don't really care but this play was undeniably written to provoke outrage. In a free country, I think this playwright was well within his rights to do so. I'm not suggesting he shouldn't have written the play, just that the response was predictable.
True, but every time I pass by a church sign (Only five every few miles here...) it invokes much outrage in me and no one cares.
I agree.
The Christians freak out about a play.

The Muslims freak out about a cartoon.

I think the lesson here is : Learn to take a joke.
Indeed. Or learn to have self esteem?
Last I heard in the local paper, it had been cancelled. Bravo for free speech.
We must continue to pressure them anyway, and perhaps give them a taste of their own medicine by introducing ideas like making it illegal for churches to solicit members under 21.
Very good, Ryan! I like that. Though it would have to be under eighteen or seventeen.
Because homosexuality is demeaning how exactly? >.X
At first I wanted to laugh, but the truth is those kids are putting themselves in danger.


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