I just saw "Whip It", Drew Barrymore's directorial debut. It was a good movie, especially for us Drew fans, but there were a couple of items that raised my eyebrows. Drew is well-known to support gay rights and has said that no one should force their beliefs on others, pretty much the antithesis of religion in general and Xinsanity in particular. So, in the movie there was a scene regarding the Xinsanitian band "Stryper" where the main character said something like, "They're rocking for Jesus." and the other says, "Well, if it's for Him." Later, in the big finale, there was a "Johnnie 3:16" sign being waved around by the ring announcer in full view. So, does anyone know what gives? Is Drew a closet Xinsanitian, or is this some contract requirement of Fox Searchlight pictures? I can't find anything specific yet on the Inet and just wondered if any of you who are more up-to-date with pop culture and the daily news knew anything that might explain this rather disturbing omen.


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I agree, but I guess the way the scenes were "thrown in" with no apparent connection to the rest of the story sort of raised my curiosity. It sounded almost like some of those references to commercial products that sometimes appear in movies because the company paid them money to say the product name, if you know what I mean. I'm still searching for any connection with the author, but I'm on the very, very, very slow computer this weekend so progress is slow.

Thanks, Kaimana. Appreciate the input.




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