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Ok -- I think I get what you are trying to point out here. HEHE

that was not funny

we are atheist but we must respect someone Else's feeling

You need thicker skin.

Come on! Where is your sense of humor Minda, lighten up!

and speaking of feelings.  Looks like Jesus is feeling REAL GOOD!  HA!

Oh yeah! Whoo! :-)

I'm not sure why...this is a community seperated from those whose feelings might be hurt. So, even if we accept the premise, that we should censor ourselves for the sake of sparing feelings, there's no need to so do.


Maybe we've got some theists lurking around in disguise??

The first priest "confession?"


Nice spelling of disciples! Presume this comes from a school??



Hahaha... yup it comes and comes again:


I can just see the teachers in the staffroom, rolling around the floor pissing themselves with laughter!!!!
Parents evening scenario......"hi, Mr & Mrs Smith.......your Sammy is doing really well, but seems to have a penis fixation!!""




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