My schools "Fellowship of Christian Students" was giving out free bagels this morning. There was a buzzing swarm of students surrounding the blue tables where the damp, stale bagels sat in large plastic bags, accompanied by plastic knives and tubs of butter and cream cheese. I asked one of the girls behind the table (they were pretty much all girls, wearing crucifix necklaces and yelling "FREE BAGELS!") what they were giving out the bagels for, and she said something about letting people know that jebus loves them, yada yada. I paused and said, "Whatever." (My dictionary of humorously sardonic responses to Christian clichés has not yet been fully built...) So anyway, I took the bagel and walked off to class.

What would you have done? Would you have even taken a bagel in the first place?

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I would have licked a bagel and put it back.
I have that affect on people. If you think that's funny, you should see me naked.
I would have asked if they were Kosher.

And then called the health department.
I don't really care for bagels that much. Jesus must not like me. If he really loved me, he'd give me pancakes. Although, I'd probably take a bagel anyway. It's free, why not? I'm not above taking free food, even if the reason it is being given out is against my principles.
Yeah, that's kinda how I thought too :)
Starving children in Africa is God's way of teaching people like you the benefits of generosity. Their suffering makes you better person when you give to them. So be thankful of their suffering, as it is your ticket to heaven.
free food is free food, take it and run




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