Seems kind of blasphemous to me, but then I'm not a christian.  What next, Jesusburgers, Jesusmobiles, JesusDay?

Makes me want to give out atheist tracts with the little obesity-producing cavity-generating candy bars.

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Ohhhh, my aching ass!! There seems to be no depth to their stupidity. It is a bottomless abyss of complete, total, abject glorification of ignorance.

This reminds me of a situation that happened about 6 years ago. A friend's house burnt to the ground, and she had no place to go. A local church had a house available on a temporary basis. It was either that or sleep on the street. When she moved in, she was cautioned not to put on any "monster" movies on the TV. If she did, demons would flow from the TV screen and infect the house. I was an eye/ear witness to this conversation. I bit my tongue, and kept my normally big mouth shut.  When the "church lady" left, I immediately turned on a Dracula movie. 

Now, I'm not saying there was any efficacy to her warnings, but I do like European blood sausage. "Velcome. And enter of your own free will."

Maybe it was demonic influence that turned that loving home into a firepit from hell?

Yaaaay!  Jesusween!  I look forward to this every year.  BTW, Sentient, EVERY day is JesusDay!!  I will pray that you learn that wisdom. 

I want to know which hot dog manufacturer will capitalize on jesusween and market jesusweenies? Maybe Hebrew National?
Yeah Jesus dogs are next - I see it now

Jesus Weenies. Two corn dogs, perpendicular to each other, with sticks coming out of all ends, and dripping in ketchup. At the low, low price of only 30 dimes, or pieces of silver.

Stop being dirty!  Although, maybe jesusweenies are pretty hot.

Makes me want to give out atheist tracts with the little obesity-producing cavity-generating candy bars.

Not specifically Halloween related, but ... a good pamphlet would be Kissing Hank's Ass! (There is a "sanitized" version "Kissing Hank's Butt" which avoids the cusswords.)

Oh cool
They also have truck or treat in the church parking lots. I did a discussion on it last Halloween.

You know you're a redneck when......

Oh boy!  A common theme of religions is to co-opt memes of other superstitions, as in Christmas/solstice.  There's a Southern Baptist church near Traveler's Rest, SC that takes the haunted house theme so familiar this time of year and turns it into their "Judgment House".  I imagine that you're supposed to come away from it feeling not so much frightened as really guilty and unworthy.  On the same sign they advertize their "Combat Paintball" course -- you know, to rebuild that ol' self-esteem.  Ahh, the South!





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