Ran across this video from 2014.  Maybe it's been posted here, and I didn't see it or forgot.  

God is a giant red lobster living amongst the stars, named Jibbers Crabst.

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Funny! Great way to start my morning. 

Maybe Jibbers Crabst is another incarnation of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: "He boiled for your sins"!


So this, together with garlic bread and a nice wine, would be an appropriate sacrament, covering all bases -- or at least a delicious dinner!(Lobster spaghetti with garlic and habanero, and garnished with a bit of fresh mint!)

(image source)

If there is no Lobster then what is the meaning of it all? Why are we here? What is our future? What is the plan?

At least twice a week Internet people ask me the same thing about Jebus Chrisp. They can't live without him. Some can't tie their shoe without him. They think that life would be meaningless without him. I have a basic piece of advice - grow up!

Ed Lindaman told me that I lived my life looking in the rearview mirror. I needed to learn how to live by looking out the windshield and side mirror, too!

IN-SANE ... also HIGH-LARIOUS ... and I haven't even mentioned the ASL translator yet!

Well, what can that be, OH! surprise, a translating app. Next will be the mind reading app?

ASL translator

Mostly I meant the young lady signing next to Mr. Inman.  She was WONDERFUL!

Hey, everybody. We need to know who we are, how we got here, where we came from, and what the plan is for our lives. Maybe we need to know where we go when we die also, so I've got a plan. Let's start making things up.

Oh, wait! People are doing that already.




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