Horrible Blasphemy panda! too funny!




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I love it. I have never heard this guy before, but the British are the funnist comedians on the face of the earth, Bean, Peter Sellers, Bob Hope, Benny Hill and Monty Python to name a few. The American comedians don't hold a candle to the Brits when it comes to funny.
An Aussie? They have plenty over here moving in by the hundreds. Why I don't know, but Aussies originated from Jolly Old England anyway so if good comedians come from England (my all time favorite TV show is "Keeping up with Appearences" dam funny show) then its obvious Aussie would be good comedians too. Isn't Australia under the crown still?
Thanks for sharing Paola; so good to have a laugh.
I loved this the first time I saw it on HBO and I still laugh my ass off every time I see it =)


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