Jim Jefferies tells how most Australians view Gun Control in the U.S.A.

Some of you may laugh and some may get angry.

But, how Jim Jefferies tells it is precisely how many of us, including myself view the Gun Control debate.

It is no wonder many Americans are offended.

As most of my friends think the U.S.A. is no better than a lunatic asylum. 

Especially with it's arguments over Gun Control, Gay Rights, Abortion, the Pro-slavery (Confederate) Flag, Creationism and Christians claiming they are being persecuted, because America is finally throwing the stupid Christian shackles off that it's founding fathers (constitution makers) never wanted on in the first place.

We wonder if America can ever be declared a Sane Nation.

It has a bloody long way to go!!!

Especially considering the current range of lunatics (politicians) vying for presidential election.

America appears to be digging itself further into the padded cell where it belongs.

So here is one of our Aussie comedians simply telling Americans about how Australia views them.

Sometimes the Truth can be both hilarious and sad at the same time.  

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Thanks, I enjoyed that very much, even if it's difficult to understand all the details. And I agree, the USA is beautiful but I'd pay to get out!

It may be a great place to live, but the extremes in income between the rich and poor is another issue, since studies demonstrate that such extremes is a cause for high crime rates, where the poor are usually the victims. So this is another reason why U.S. crime rates are among the highest per capita on the planet.  

We just had a program on the Australian ABC, where they had church leaders and an atheist author meeting to discuss climate change.

All the religious leaders and the Atheist agree that climate change requires drastic action.

While viewing the program, I thought of what the same debate would have been like in America, where many of the Christian groups deny climate change exists and call it a hoax.

So you can add climate change denial to the list of things Australians see as stupid about the United States, as all those on the debate agreed with this.


If I was 20 years old I would Jim Jefferies. At age 69 I think he is right on with almost everything.

Thanks all, I'll see if I can get some other Aussie comedian's comments on the U.S. situation.

I know of some I've watched that made some comments about how to tell jokes in the U.S. and then duck to avoid being pelted by refuse or shot.  

I think that one was Tim Minchin.

There is a lot of others commenting on their experience in America.


Here's Wil Anderson, who is an Australian TV personality as well as a standup comedian, telling about his experience in America.  He mentions how Americans dislike anybody who hates god and guns.

Here is Tim Minchin on god and Evolution in America.  Yes and why do we think Americans are stupid?

This is a little off topic, but, Hell, It's Funny!  :-D~

I suppose we could call it Holster Control!  :-D~




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