Chris Wallace had Joel and Victoria Osteen as guests on Fox News Sunday.  After pitching the two a couple of soft balls, he asked them if the Prosperity Gospel they advocate isn't somewhat at odds with what the prophet preached.  They denied any contradictions.  Joel was his usual fey hick unctuous self, and ever now and then Chris would ask a question of Victoria, who looks like Callista Gin Grich's twin sister.  When Victoria was asked questions having to do with Christian doctrine, she appeared to be clueless.  I have always heard that atheists often know more about the Bible than believers, but Victoria was ridiculous.  For example, when Wallace asked her if Jesus was not, at times, an advocate of action, Victoria said yes, the incident with the money-changers in the temple.

It would appear that the lesson of the money-changers is completely lost on the Osteens.  It was their profanation of the temple that Jesus lashed out at, the same sort of thing the megachurch Prosperity Gospel hucksters are peddling as "Christianity."  I'm sorry, Joel, but you are anti-Christian.  You are selling a con based on a con: a fake religion designed to dope up the congregants with false hopes of turning their meaningless, miserable lives into something noble and important.  And wealthy.  Watching the two of them, I began to see that the rumors about them are true: Joel is a spineless dunce mesmerized by the Mme. Svengali-like Victoria, a money-grubbing wind up Barbee if ever there was one.

And while I am on yet another ad hominem rant, isn't it about time Joel changed that Nashville 1950 haircut?

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Have you noticed that they both have what we in the south call "shit eating smiles".  I can almost hear Joel saying to himself " Give us your money you bunch loser assholes cause mama needs a new pair of shoes....

We had a great R&B in the 60s or 70s, "Smiling Faces" with a refrain that went "Smiling faces/Smiling faces/Smiling faces/Sometimes tell lies."  I think they had cosmetic surgery to make closing their mouths extremely difficult.  Serves another purpose in not allowing them to eat properly so they never gain weight. Hey, come to think of it, I have an inner tube.  Maybe I should send them all my money.

Or, as we say in the Midwest, "Grinning like a possum eating shit."  Of course, in his case, he's shoveling it. 

Religion is a business, and of course we see in American commerce the business model of selling people more and more of things they do not need.  The market becomes so overrun with choices the advertising goes to extraordinary claims to distinguish itself from others in the same market.  Price wars break out, each business trying to force the others out with more and more Osteen-prophet, Osteens being the gullibles' false profit.  If the adherents would use reason from time to time they could put their moral code on automatic pilot, disallowing centuries old proscriptions and scientifically fallacious words in Hebrew and Koine Greek to cram mankind into a nice little shoe box of silliness, there to suffer as did Saint Galileo and lo, those many others...

Do possums eat shit?  I never saw a possum eat shit.  Now that I think about it the only possums I have seen were road kill.

Oh, wow, you had me rolling on the floor.  Like that scene at the end of the Robert De Niro movie, Once Upon a Time in America, where there is a big stream cleaning machine that gobbles up everything in its way; it goes by and a person we could swear we saw just seconds before is gone.  You appear to have truly tantric impulses.  Sex is a superb way to do these assholes in, since they only do it in the missionary position and then only for childbirth.  The Bible specifically condemns woman-on-top, you know.




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