have you guys heard of this woman by the name of Johanna Michaelsen (she used to be Hal Lindsey's sister in law) and she has this really messed up story about supposedly working with a psychic surgeon that was "for real" and then later becoming a fundie christian, i was wondering is it possible for anyone to help me do a bit of debunking? I have found a video with the supposed "surgeon" doing her stuff at 30:00-34:00 and her son supposedly doing the same at about 43:00can you guys help me take a look that the vid to confirm the trickery and slight of hand?



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I cannot tell you how the trickery and sleight of hand was done, but you can bet that is exactly what it is. Nobody heals people. Nobody has the wounds of jesus. Nobody comes back from the dead. Nobody walks on water of floats in the air. Absolutely nobody. It's all tricks to get a following or get money, or both. Trust me on this one, OK.

People like Hal Lindsey are a bit messed up. They write strange books to make you believe the biblical "revelation" when there was only about 14 other choices that buybull scholars could have voted on. (Yes, you read that right. They voted on which books to put in the bible.) Every now and again Lindsey and his like have to come up with stories about how someone could do these supposed "miracles" but they were doing it all with the wrong power. Devil power is not god power, etc.

Now we are back to wanting a following, getting money, or both. This is the power that it's all about!

well you have no idea of some of the strange things michaelsen wrote in her book, she claims the "surgeon" she worked with removed brain tumours with a hunting knife and the person was cured!

Yes, and Jesus did many cures in the bible as well, but where is the proof? There is none. It simply says these things in a book. It doesn't matter if the book is called the "bible" or if it is Michaelsen's book.

I've made fun of the fact that Oral Roberts (now deceased) once claimed to have seen Jesus 70 foot tall in Oklahoma. Why was Roberts the only person to see this giant figure? Believers get angry and proclaim this to have only been a "vision," so therefore Roberts could have easily of been the only person to see Jesus. (This is called christian apologetics, BTW.)

You need to understand that a beleiver can claim anything they want to without proof. If you cannot see or accept their "proof" then something must be wrong with you.

ok thans for your response, but what of the pictures of the surgeon she worked with supposedly doing those surgeries? do you think she just lied or exaggerated then?

There is no way she would have known how everything is done. She may have been an assistent of sorts, but a good magician never reveals his tricks. This is why she says the "healer" was genuine.

well how many people you think were fooled by uri geller? i mean like acutal scienists?

Practically everyone who could not explain the trick. Nobody can bend spoons with their minds, but James Randi knew the trick.

Johanna Michaelsen makes some bizzare claims indeed she claims that she was with her psychic surgeon friend all day setting up surgeries  and there was none of the type of fraud that james randi had exposed with psychic surgeons... well if she really wasnt lying it doesnt mean she wasnt doing this stuff with out Michaelsen knowing...




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