John Mackay, Australian Creationist Loon, with a Creation Museum, named, "Jurassic Ark".

Australia has one as well.

So we cannot just scoff at America being a land of stupid, naive drongos.

As we have John Mackay taking over from Ken Ham on our territory and he pretends to know about fossils.

Like all Creationists, he pretends that there are no intermediate fossils, completely ignoring the fact that we have more than enough intermediate fossils to link birds to dinosaurs and mammals to fish and humans to fish.

In the last 50 years there has been an exponential growth in intermediate fossils found.

All of which John Mackay and Ken Ham deny, arrogantly.

It is so obvious that both Ken Ham and John Mackay are blatant liars.

Because publishing lies and selling nonsense to suckers is big business, even in the Bible belt of Queensland, Australia.

Though his Jurassic Ark, will never reach the scale of the "Creation Museum".

But, the sad thing is: They have schools visiting their nonsense crusades.

The Queensland government is too stupid to ban schools from using the Jurassic Ark as an educational source.

So it appears that we also have Theistic Loons infiltrating our state governments, but, our Prime Minister (Tony Abbot) is also a religious bigot, such as his dislike of same sex marriage, which is faith based, not knowledge based.  Yet his own sister is openly gay.

So America, you are not alone at being a stupidly naive religious nation.

Australia is not that far behind.

We have our own ridiculous GOP like bigoted conservative politicians in the Liberal Party.

Though the Jurassic Ark, is a festering boil on the intellect of Queensland.

If the Queensland government had any rational sense, it would lance that boil.

John Mackay's video is full of idiotic fallacies.

Mackay is obvious a blatant liar, making money from such lies.

Creation Research is obviously the world's most Insanely Stupid Research Organization. They really don't do any genuine scientific research.

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Here is John Mackay pretending he knows much more than he does.

When in fact, he knows so little that he demonstrates in this debate with Richard Dawkins that he is an idiotic  Megalomaniac.

Wow - what a remarkably stupid man. Couldn't get past 6 minutes. And he has a degree? The level of cognitive dissonance is remarkable.

Yes, he apparently has a Masters Degree in Cognitive Dissonance!  

Reminds me of the whatsapp message I have "Educate don't indoctrinate" - no desire to educate at all. Amazing the hoops you have to jump through to when a geologist sticks to this line of thought. And the fact that in this day and age you send stuff through the mail and use cassette tapes pretty much says it all. 

Yes Christopher, they are archaic and banal.

It's so obvious that he has found telling lies more profitable than teaching or researching genuine knowledge.

Others who have denied their geological training, are Andrew Snelling who works for the American creationists movement as a Peer Reviewer for journals in the Discovery Institute, so creationism now has peer review documents.

John Mackay is not really qualified as a palaeontologist, a geologist is not a palaeontologist.

So he is actually pushing nonsense he is not qualified.

So like Andrew Snelling, they are both arguing our of their field, so they have no authority.

Notice John Mackay extensively uses fallacious, equivocation fallacies including quote mining to make his stupid points.

Essentially he is a con artist.


Here is a debate of Johh Mackay vs John Polkinghorne (A Catholic Theologian and evolutionist).

Note the fallacious arguments of Mackay, who has filled Ken Ham's shoes in Australia, since Ken migrated to the U.S.

He is constantly exalting his own importance (I always tell students), and quote mining scientists to give the wrong impression of their ideas.

So, listening to Mackay is no different to listening to Ken Ham.

Same fallacious, circular reasoning.

These things are OK in an amusement park but they shouldn't be allowed educational status. I here there are Christian fundamentalists in Africa at the moment looking for extant dinosaurs!

Is it Walt Disney or Walter Mittie?

Couldn't resist including this classic from Thunderf00t.

It's well worth watching, just for the scientific anti-creationist knowledge alone.

Every child old enough to laugh at human stupidity should watch this set of debunking creationist arguments.

There is a major announcement today at the Cradle of Mankind in Maropeng. This is going to piss off all the nut jobs. More cognitive dissonance to come up with! New fossil find at Maropeng being announced

Should be announced in the next half hour or so.

Thanks Christopher.

Finding 15 individual complete skeletons, Wow, that was a superb find.

Though these Creationists will take a 5 minute cursory glance and say, na, its a monkey!

Which is what they have always done.


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