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Fascinating!  Thanks for the info. I prefer shrimp to any shellfish, but the langostinos are probably quite good.  I find lobster tasteless, or almost.  The only way it is eaten here is with a ton of butter, and that is what people taste.

They're quite good, better than lobster, but it depends on what they were fed on.  My friend's langostinos get leftover tilapia food, and fish poo, and do quite well on it.  The flavor is shrimp-like, but milder.  Sorta half-way between shrimp and lobster.  We have a small lobster fishery here, mostly on the Caribbean side, but they end up in restaurants, fed to rich tourists.  I've never eaten one here. 

Half way between shrimp and lobster, wouldn't that be crayfish?

Mmmmmm, etouffee!!!

Favorite dish of mine, too. In fact, I love almost anything creole or cajun.

Well, they really are a tropical species of crayfish, but that's such an undignified-sounding, downright proletarian name.  Only "mud bugs" could be worse.  So we call them "langostinos" - its much more bourgeois-sounding.  That's what Red Lobster pushed them as, quite a few years ago, when they were trying to popularize them.  Had many a cheap, tasty "langostino" dinner at Red Lobster in those years. 

It's all in the marketing - no one would be caught dead eating an angler-fish of their junior-high biology texts.  Ugly beyond belief.  So now they're marketed as "monkfish."  Quite popular, sans head and skin.

Mahi-Mahi is known as dolphin fish in the U.S. and as dorado in Mexico.  For my money it is the finest tasting fish there is, just kind of expensive at the supermarket.



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