A French nun says that she was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and that after she and her fellow nuns prayed to John Paul II, she was suddenly cured. 


From the article:

"Last year, there were some questions about whether Marie-Simon-Pierre's original diagnosis was correct. But in a statement today, the Congregation for the Causes of Saints said Vatican-appointed doctors had 'scrupulously' studied the case and determined that her cure had no scientific explanation."


How do people not see through this bullshit?  They used Vatican-appointed doctors.  I'm sure they were unbiased.  This illustrates so well the difference between religion and science.  Science uses independent peer reviews to examine claims.  Catholics use an insider and then the Pope gets the final say.  It's such a joke.

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What's the best way to respond/protest?  Perhaps to emphasize that this is how they spread their religion, by inventing myths like this
So she prayed to a dead pope because jesus wouldn't cure her? Is that what I'm seeing here?

I did a quick search on why Catholics pray to saints and the general opinion is that they aren't pray to the saints, but asking the saints to pray to God on their behalf.  Apparently, they believe that since the saints are already in Heaven, they can intercede with God on their behalf.  However, Catholics also sometimes pray directly to God, so I'm not sure why they don't just cut out the middle man.

The bigger question is WHY was she sick to begin with?
So that Pope John Paul II could perform a miracle and be beatified, of course.  It's all part of God's plan, don'tcha know?




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