I wrote a blog article awhile ago called "John Shore Challenged Me to a Duel" (I won't make a shameless plug of my own work, don't worry ;) and I thought the original from the man himself would make for interesting conversation here on Atheist Nexus.

From John Shore's website:

Title of this article? "Atheists of America Agree: Christianity Makes Eminent Rational Sense!"

Here that? We agree that Christianity makes rational sense.

I.. what? I don't know about you, but to me, thems fightin' words. If you actually have the gall to assume American Atheists agree with you, you are essentially opening yourself up to a classic duel show-down between religion.. and logic

So go ahead and check out John Shore's "logical arguments", and let's see if we all agree ;)

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From the very start, it doesn't look good --

1. There’s a 50% chance that God is real (which has already been proven).

And here comes the 'proof' --

Because the chances of God existing or not are even either way, and because none of us can know which of those two choices is the correct one, choosing one must make exactly as much sense as choosing the other. It’s a 50-50, binary option.

Thus not a proof. True, in absence of evidence either way, either choice is equally valid, but it says nothing about the probability for each alternative to be true. It's like playing russian roulette with a gun you didn't load yourself. It might be full, empty, or anything in between. The outcome is also binary (die or survive), but there's no way to assert the chances are 50/50. Maybe the guy who loaded the gun just doesn't like you.
I'm guessing he has never played a sims game, then, if he assumes we must love what we create. Because I know many people who play sims just for the fun of finding creative ways to kill their sims. >.> And either that is the most perverted love or not love at all.
hahahah this made my day
Mine too!
Love It!




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