I'm not going to say much other than he will be missed but not forgotten. 


So tonight, somewhere in Denver I'll be raising a glass in his name.  If you are in the area, join me (location TBD).  If not, do it where you live. 


In God I do not trust.

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I'll be doing the same here in Cleveland.  Likely, I'll be raising a single malt, probably the Quinta Ruban Glenmorangie, toasting a damned good man, gone from us, but living on in his powerful words.

I'm not a whiskey or scotch person but I think a strong gin and tonic will do.

Hitch was always true to himself.  If gin and tonic are what work for you, raise your glass!

It'll be rum here.  I'll be silently toasting his life at 6:00 p.m. central time, if anyone cares to join me  - irrespective of where you're at or the time zone you're in.  

same in Philadelphia.  tonite, i splurge on a nice single malt.  i haven't had the occassion in a while, but it seems fitting.  i'm a scotch guy who's moved to bourbon for economic reasons.  not tonite...

Already had wine and gluhwein. Next up: a Winter bock and an Obstler schnaps.

No single malt in at the moment. To be honest I was never a fan of Hitch's tipple, ie,  blend, unless it's Irish.

Had no idea there were premium schnapps.  After some G&T I'll probably have a little schnapps here at home.  It's cold out, have to keep warm.

I'll toast Hitchens with dark roast coffee!

beer for me...Hitchens fucked  up on the Iraq War but i read his books and love his atheism.


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