Hi there. Just wanted to let you know there is now a progressive political party out there that takes an Atheistic point of view. If you want to get involved and actively protect your rights in this post-bush age of creeping theocracy, there's a place to do it.
We're on Facebook under National Atheist Party. It's a closed group due to trolls, but ask me and I'll get you in. Just mention this discussion post and the nexus!

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If we are going to have parties based on nonreligion, then it's OK to have parties based on religion,  Oh wait, that's the Republican party.  Never mind.


I think the Democrat party has a big enough tent to allow agenda with secular view.  Fringe parties stay on the fringe.  Well, there's tea party, but that's just Rebublicans with dementia. 


Well, good luck.  I can't see having a separate party based on atheism, even though I'm ardently antitheistic.  It would be interesting to see the platform, but even then I don't think I would go for it.


Very true, but I don't see that as a reason not to form a party. The Democratic Farm & Labor party enjoyed a lot of success at the turn of the last century. Ever hear of Battling Bob LaFollette? A great leader from a third party who made it to the US Senate. Even ran for president & got 12% of the vote.
The whole point is to shake up the system.
And you know, parties have died. Remember the Whigs? What if we supplanted one of the major parties? Hey, I can dream a little:-P

When I was in college I was in the Young People's Socialist League (YPSL) and we realized that third party movements were doomed from the outset.  So, we worked within the Young Democrats and the regular party to encourage Socialist ideas and actions. Out on the fringe you are just farting in a whirlwind.

There is a sizable number of Democratic Congresspeople and Senators in the Progressive Caucus I would imagine a fair number of them are Atheist or Agnostic.

Actually, there is only one declares non beleiver in congress: Pete Stark, from N. Calif.
I have personally worked within the system like you suggest. Than plan isn't working any more.
Besides, with the mood of voters now, they may be looking for a new alternative...

That's true. However, "declares" is the operative word.  I would guess that a large number of congresscritters attend church and make sure every speech ends with, " ...and God bless America", and they do it all for the same reason they love babies, go to the county fairs, judge pumpkin contests and have a dog – the public perception – IMAGE. Regardless of who they really are.

And that is a real tragedy. A de facto religion litmus test.
Have a look at the platform yourselves. You'll find it in the notes section at www.facebook.com/national.atheist.party
Not everybody uses Facebook.

Have a look at our external website then.


President, National Atheist Party



It would seem to me that an atheist political group would be less about the democrat or republican agenda, and more about the policy's and laws that are being pushed into place in the interest of the religious agendas. The atheist political party would seem to be more about things like, separation of church and state, the taxation of church's, keeping evolution in schools(the influence of the church in the school systems alone is enough to keep us busy for ages), supporting atheist candidates, and so on....
I'd love to have a choice of non-theist politicians, but I agree with some of the others that have already commented, that it's not practical to have a party based on Atheism. I would think that people with similar economic beliefs, for example, are most likely to unite politically, than people that lack belief in the supernatural.

great!  I'm there!

While I totally agree that atheist views are hardly very conducive to political interconnectedness and that atheist view-points might distact from other more salient topics of discussion, I have felt in recent years that until someone takes a stand on the specifically non-religious approach to governance and in fact details ideological trespasses on human rights/education as the bona fide enemy of science and progress, that we will go nowhere as a nation.

I feel that the sad truth is that here, in the year 2011, we are struggling to attain a level of open mindedness that was known several times before in history,  but that now stands threatened by conservatives and liberals alike, both of whom either want to invade every corner of our lives with the judgements of the corporate church or that traditions which infringe on us culturally should be preserved because the religious views upon which they are founded always deserve a "free pass" and be must be portayed as positive treasures of our rich cultural pasts. blah blah blah!

Atheism is a necessity for the next stage in human cultural evolution.




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