Hi there. Just wanted to let you know there is now a progressive political party out there that takes an Atheistic point of view. If you want to get involved and actively protect your rights in this post-bush age of creeping theocracy, there's a place to do it.
We're on Facebook under National Atheist Party. It's a closed group due to trolls, but ask me and I'll get you in. Just mention this discussion post and the nexus!

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I don't think this is a very practical idea. The only similarity atheists share is that they don't believe in god(s) and even then you have some different degrees of how people approach the matter. I don't understand what the atheistic point of view is beyond that, especially when you can have conservatives, liberal, center, etc atheists. I really do not think a political party under the name of "atheism" is really the way to go. You want people to unite under idevs, not a label. It is already difficult enough to explain to the layperson what atheism actually means-now there's a political party? Oh jeez. Honest intention. Incorrect method imo.
Well, LOL, you're both plainly wrong, because the party exists and it HAS a platform that was voted upon by atheists. We've already had all the arguments about the name and the issues and the party is here and growing. Check us out, read the platform, get to know the members - THEN make your decision. It's hardly rational to reject out of hand what you haven't investigated. :)

www.facebook.com/national.atheist.party and www.usanap.net

Pro tip: If you're trying to recruit do not say to your potential constituents "you're plainly wrong LOL".


It seems like the party's focus is ridding religious bias from government, but there is nothing else to the platform, which I suspect is because the opinions of different atheists vary. Furthermore that position is faulty for it kind of implies that one can just simply let go of their personal philosophies during serious conversations. Honestly you guys are better off as a lobby group. Heck, this doesn't even sound too different from the concept of the american atheists association but with slightly different statements and it being a political party.


I don't see the point of this being a political party especially from what I see from the front page lacking in any big political stances (i.e. economy-you say economic responsibility but that topic has such a broad range of ideas in which it seems you guys haven't delved into). Your platform says nothing. It's bland. I'll say it again, the opinions of atheists are so vast because nothing else really unites us outside of a disbelief, which btw, is valued differently in each atheist. I don't think my philosophical stance on the question of "is there a god?" should be a drive in politics nor do I not want that philosophical stance to be associated with a political stance. all in all, color me unconverted.

I keep forgetting to patent it.
and yet the tea party became so sucessful...well sort of...but the idea of being a lobbying group isn't a totally bad one. Maybe instead of a lobbying group just more of a grass-roots organized political dissent thingy where local groups kind of organically form there own prevailing opinions which they then use to clobber everyone else that dares disagree with them...hmmm...(which I guess would be just like the tea-party).
MolotovDerp and The Nerd - I'm not recruiting. You will join or you won't. I'm simply correcting you about your statements. The party platform is contained in the Notes on the main page. You can't fit the entire platform, which consists of consensus atheist opinion on 19 campaign fronts, in the intro to the page. "Like" the Facebook page and dig through the notes. "Unlike" it when you're done, if you want.

Also, the purpose of the party is to be a voting "bloc" - a demographic that has not been used in swing votes before.
True that!  Voting blocs DO work-and we won't get any recognition if we sit back and remained undefined! 




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