Hi there. Just wanted to let you know there is now a progressive political party out there that takes an Atheistic point of view. If you want to get involved and actively protect your rights in this post-bush age of creeping theocracy, there's a place to do it.
We're on Facebook under National Atheist Party. It's a closed group due to trolls, but ask me and I'll get you in. Just mention this discussion post and the nexus!

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How is that going to work?  Atheists don't share the same politics.
I know. Like herding cats into a bathtub. Filled with dogs. On crack. However, we have to try. Granted, our group will not be for everyone (we're very liberal), but if we don't attempt to organize, we are going to end up as virtual non-citizens. We're already discriminated against all the time. It's like the last acceptable bigotry.
The saying goes, organize or die. We may disagree on many things, but our right to exist is not one of them.
We have those, yet we have no representation in congress. One non believer out of 536 federally elected officials?
To me, this is not narrow. This is about the religious right out to make our country a theocracy. If we don't stand up for ourselves, who will?
Only one who is openly an atheist.  We have seen the way a majority of American view atheism.  For most people it would be political suicide to admit being atheists.
Wasn't that the same way gay people were treated 40 years ago? Now, a majority of Americans favor gay marriage.
That didn't happen on its' own. It took years of campaigning, education, awareness and yes, agitation to get there.
We're being bullied into the closet, just like how gays were treated. I for one think we need to stand up to bullies.
It is naive to think putting a party together by and for atheists (which, by the way, does not exclude agnostics, secularists, or any other supportive people) will be easy. The system is gamed against us. However, it is equally naive to stick our heads in the sand and think it won't get worse.
Unless we organize.
I think it was Saul Alinsky who said "organize or die". It proves itself true every time.
How does a political party help?  The gays and the blacks didn't need political parties to advance their cause and neither do we.
Don't they? There was something called the Black Panther party, and there is a faction within the Democrats for gays called the Stonewall Democrats.
And yes, the Black Panther thing didn't turn out so well, but we're not wielding guns. But look at the Dems today. A large part of their support comes from AA's.
It could. I think it's worth the risk. What's the other option? Doing nothing? That's not working
There are things related to religion that are high priority, mainly combating the religious right's being anti-gay, anti-environment, anti-abortion, anti-evolution, pro-feudalism, etc, (as well as the far left's Islamist enabling) but politically, "atheism" is not a high priority at all.
I completely agree, ProgRockGirl! That's why we stand against that agenda.
What, you think we're just a one-trick pony? ;-)
A political party has to have a complex platform, and we have a pretty good one to start.
Which is?
I will be happy to post it, but I've run out of time and have to go to work.




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