A few months ago, my mother-in-law forwarded a petition from the American Families Assoc. asking people to email the head of the Rose Bowl Parade, and complain about the float celebrating gay marriage. Because when gay people get married, straight people get divorced, or something. Who knows what the problem is.

So I did a little editing of their version of the letter before I sent it in. Basically, I said "Kudos!" for taking a stand, and that I was very pleased with their bold statement despite all the hate mail they must be getting from religious groups. In reality, I don't care about the Rose Bowl Parade, but it felt good to make a teeny dent in the misguided efforts of the delusional.

Then I got an email the other day, from the AFA, asking if I'd be interested in joining their mailing list. Sure! Why not? I could stay on top of what else the godless heathens are doing to destroy humankind in the name of Satan.

The next email was for another petition of sorts, this time to email Mr. & Mrs. Hobby Lobby to thank them for maintaining christian standards and upholding "god's word" or whatever. Excellent. A little more creative editing of their form letter.

I told them that they're clearly familiar with God's word, which is why I'm surprised they'd challenge it since God is clearly fine with interrupting the development of a fertilized egg, per Numbers 5:11-31.

Granted, this is in the case of a woman conceiving a child that isn't her husband's.....but isn't that what Mary did? I guess God wouldn't abort Jesus, better to let him live and be tortured/executed in an extremely painful fashion. Besides, a fertilized human egg is just that, regardless of paternity.

Also, in Genesis 38: 2-24, Onan is told to go have sex with his brother's widow. He didn't want to produce a baby this way and spilled his seed. God, of course, was pissed about this, and slew Onan.

Soooooo WTF does God even WANT?!! He's clearly impossible to please. WHY people take this character so seriously is beyond me.....

Anyway. I plan on responding to these petitions with similar quotes. Not that it will really make any difference, though it does feel good.



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Christine, it might make a difference. I'm sure you are having fun and smiling as you do this, but someone just might read it and think about it. Then they might look it up. Presto! You were right. This might bother them until they start to use logic and evidence.

I do a similar thing as I read articles on the Internet. I pick writings about religious bullshit and do the comments telling them how delusional they are. Why? Someone is reading those comments. It might make a difference. If I believe that it won't then I'm a very negative person. Also, I have a theist/lay ministry background so I know how to handle this sort of thing.

Many say just leave them alone and let them believe what they want to. It's not in my nature to do that. If you believe in ghosts or faries I think I have to enlighten you. The theist wants everybody to "be saved." At least they claim that. I'm much the same way. I think you have found salvation when you wake up to discover there was nothing to be saved from or for!

Bleah, now I get regular updates from the cult perspective of the world. Which in a way isn't so bad, b/c as a skeptic, I am curious if we atheists are getting any of it wrong.

There are plenty of misguided atheists and related groups (such as the Center for Inquiry fiasco with the guest speaker insulting the feminists. The CFI apparently never issued an adequate apology, which I find deeply disappointing.) I still say we're on the right track of course.

Wondering about this one, and would be interested in investigating some of these christian claims. Would be fun to debunk a few for future conversations with MIL.


Two churches in Hawaii have prevailed, again, against threatened lawsuits from atheists. 

A renewed lawsuit against two Oahu churches falsely claimed the churches had defrauded the government by paying an agreed-upon amount for the rental of public schools.

Most of the lawsuit has again been thrown out of court, says Erik Stanley of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Stanley, Erik (ADF)"There are portions of it there are still alive," Stanley tells OneNewsNow.  "But we are confident that once the court addresses those portions, we'll have the whole case dismissed or be done away."

ADF is representing two ministries, One Love Ministries and Calvary Chapel, against atheists' accusation of "substandard" rent to the public school in which the congregations meet.

The ADF attorney calls it unfortunate that the atheists can mount their legal attacks against churches that have to "front" the costs of a legal defense.

"That's why we were happy to come in," says Stanley. "We represent churches free of charge."

Not only would the churches have suffered financial loss if the lawsuit had been successful, says Stanley, but the public schools would have lost out on the additional income.




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