Hi everybody! I'm Kaci, I've been a heathen for about five years now. In my late 20s I was a devout Lutheran (much to the chagrin of my atheist husband), and started attending lay ministry school. Luckily I had a fantastic professor who encouraged us to read everything we could get our hands on, including writers like Spong and Crossan. When we were studying the Book of Acts I was hit between the eyes with the realization that the disciples didn't understand Jesus's message. The guys who were supposed to be the experts totally didn't get it. Then we were assigned a paper on one of Paul's verses. I picked one at random, and it was the argument that if the resurrection didn't happen, the whole religion falls apart. I looked at it for days but couldn't figure out how that was any kind of reasoning. That was the beginning of the end for me. I read for hours every day, for months, trying to find answers. I came to the conclusion that Christianity just didn't have any for me.

I am currently dabbling in Buddhist philosophy and finding peace in daily life through meditation and nature. I'm raising my children to see the connection between current religions and ancient myths, and to choose for themselves what they believe while allowing others to do the same.

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Great Story Kaci. Welcome.

Great minds think alike. :)

The Apostle Paul was a big help to me as well in breaking free from Christianity.
Exactly, Alex! I actually am quite fond of a lot of the teachings of Jesus, but Ghandi hit the nail on the head when he said Christians are so unlike Christ. Paul is definitely a big reason why.
Snort! Schizo Jesus, I like it. Yeah, I have issues with Paul. If he wasn't long dead I would punch him in the junk.
Quiet, Kaci.- 1 Tim. 2:11

Jesus and Buddha are brothers.

Or are they?


I have just very recently been looking at the teachings of Buddhism, but I did notice right away that the Christ and the Buddha were pretty much the same concept. Buddhism goes about it in a better way, though. Less tithing involved. ;)
Buddhism has better gardens too.
By this line of reasoning, Hinduism is better than Buddhism because its older?
Funny! Nate, you rock. ;)
That's fantastic that you have such unity in your marriage. My husband walked in on me meditating last night before bed and snorted at me. LOL


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