Hi everybody! I'm Kaci, I've been a heathen for about five years now. In my late 20s I was a devout Lutheran (much to the chagrin of my atheist husband), and started attending lay ministry school. Luckily I had a fantastic professor who encouraged us to read everything we could get our hands on, including writers like Spong and Crossan. When we were studying the Book of Acts I was hit between the eyes with the realization that the disciples didn't understand Jesus's message. The guys who were supposed to be the experts totally didn't get it. Then we were assigned a paper on one of Paul's verses. I picked one at random, and it was the argument that if the resurrection didn't happen, the whole religion falls apart. I looked at it for days but couldn't figure out how that was any kind of reasoning. That was the beginning of the end for me. I read for hours every day, for months, trying to find answers. I came to the conclusion that Christianity just didn't have any for me.

I am currently dabbling in Buddhist philosophy and finding peace in daily life through meditation and nature. I'm raising my children to see the connection between current religions and ancient myths, and to choose for themselves what they believe while allowing others to do the same.

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Hopefully other people will adopt your approach to childrearing.
We can always hope, right? Should I admit that when my kids are naughty we threaten to send them to church as punishment? LOL I got all my kids baptized to make my grandparents happy and the older two discovered just how insanely boring church is at the youngest's baptism. Insert evil laugh here. :)
Hahaha, it is LIKE a punishment, only for religious-raised kids, it's a weekly one you can't escape. My son hasn't been in a church since his infant baptism (during my last throes of belief)
Welcome Kaci. Keep those kids un-brainwashed and tolerant and you're sure to have great futures for all of you :)
Fortunately, I live in the north where people just assume you attend some sort of church, but they rarely ask. It's considered personal and none of anyone else's business.
Thanks Angie! Hopefully one day tolerant people will be the majority in the US.




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