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For those of you who are interested, there is as movement to Buy Nothing For Christmas described at:

I will be trying to forego all nonessential purchases during the holiday to protest religious incursion into our democracy.

happy Christ wasn't really born on this day but we pretend he was anyway day.  (and of course, 99% of Christians don't know this)

The one thing he didn't mention about the Puritans outlawing Christmas (and, they really did), is because their particular belief in their all-loving Jesus allowed them to absolutely hate Catholicism, and to be fair, vice versa.  In fact, the word "Christmas" is only a slight derivation of the old Catholic celebration of Christ's Mass.

I wonder how the fire breathing evangelical protestants would feel if they knew their phony War on Christmas was, in fact, support of an organization which many of them consider "The Whore of Babylon" - the Catholic Church.



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