Joshua is an american idol finalist, and very religious. After hearing "Imagine", he said he liked the message, and sang it on the show. Do most people not even know the meaning of the song? They try to twist it to make it mean what they want it to mean. A while back David Archuleta skipped the heaven verse, and recently Ceelo changed the lyrics to say "all religion is true". I wish xtians would leave that song alone. I may be missing something. If so, tell me.

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I was bummed because he left out the no religion line.  But what can you expect from a Louisianan? He interests me because there are a ton of Ledets in my family (pronounced Leday btw)(oh i see you are from BR so you know that :) ).  He may have been sending us a subliminal message but was unable to come all the way out due to the fact that LA is famous for being the worst state in the nation for us heathens.  disclaimer: I do not want to watch tv but sometimes my family makes me. lol.

It feels like the worst for heathens. It's funny to hear people attempt to pronounce louisiana last names. It just makes me wonder about what Lennon would have to say about so many singers changing his song up, and creating their own meanings.

I do not generally watch that show, but I do seem to recall seeing that. I noticed that he left the religion line out and assumed it was more than likely because of the show producers, etc. and not his own personal beliefs. I could be wrong..

It is a great song with a great message and people try to take the "good" and leave the "bad" so they can have the beauty of the song without stirring up religious talk, etc.

They should realize that is what makes the song beautiful, they are just too scared to even think about the concept..since it would mean they are going to hell and all..


"self expression is our birthright not a bonus" - CANIBUS Lyrical law

hey not bad.. he did sing 'no heaven' guess he's going to hell... not.

where's the 'no religion too..' part... hrmmm.. better than coke head ceelo but ... hrmm...
3 star as opposed to ceelos 0.5 star...
John Lennon rolls in his grave

really though... what is religion going to bring people but more debt/tithe
broken families
lack of actual education
and giving entertainment to the fascists

fuck religion or it'll fuck you; that's amoré baby! > : )
Refuse, resist.

I think lots of people are oblivious to the true meaning. So when they sing "imagine there's no heaven", the xtian mind interprets that as "what would we do, that would be tragic", as opposed to the non-believer who says "that would be great".




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