Judge Brett Kavanaugh vs Separation of Church and State: What Do We Not Know?

He’s a conservative Catholic, and in the Catholic schools I attended the nuns said Error Has No Rights.

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In Catholic schools skepticism appears in 9th-to-12th grades. That experience was denied my dad because his Catholic parents took him from school after 6th grade to help support the family.

He obeyed an order by America’s Catholic bishops for Catholic parents to take their children from public schools and sent five to Catholic schools. Before he died he knew all five of us had quit Catholicism. The rest of his life was about equally tragic.

I fear Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Kavanaugh thinks that a 17-year-old girl forced to carry a pregnancy to term doesn't bear an undue burden, but insisting that a religious institution fill out a form with five entry points – name, corporate name, date, address, and signature – DOES constitute an undue burden.

My own further commentary consists of two words which generally one doesn't repeat in polite company, yet in this case are entirely appropriate.  Leave that as an exercise for the student.  Suffice to say, I oppose this nomination.

A substitute for obscenity I sometimes use is "horse hockey."  It means nothing and isn't naughty, but it might be suggestive.

[shrug] Aaaaaah, fuck him! (There, I said it.)

Er, no. Just no. Not with my worst enemy's dick.


With an old, moldy pine cone, maybe?

I support the use of Loren's two words. It is simply a term and not my real feelings or anything that is really sexual.

A hearty secular "Amen!" (as in "What he said!") to the three of you.

Loren, I imagine one of your very appropriate impolite words is probably the same as the one used by a rabbi commenting last year on Twitter about tRump's endorsement of white supremacists. (She also said that that comment was not what she would have preferred to become famous for!) And I feel the same way about Republicans being set to enshrine for decades corporate "rights" over the rights of actual human beings.

How many of the 9 justices are Catholic?

Too many ... at least four or five at this point.

Ask the web.

Thanks, GC. Done.





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