Judge Brett Kavanaugh vs Separation of Church and State: What Do We Not Know?

He’s a conservative Catholic, and in the Catholic schools I attended the nuns said Error Has No Rights.

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Courtesy of Hemant Mehta, here are some reactions--

Here’s What Church/State Groups Are Saying About SCOTUS Pick Brett Kavanaugh

Patheos - Friendly Atheist

The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court reveals that President Trump prioritizes the political ambitions of the religious right over the interests of the American people. Judge Kavanaugh was selected from a list of candidates that were handpicked and carefully vetted by advocacy groups committed to advancing an agenda that places religion above the law. At this crucial moment in our history, we need a Supreme Court Justice who will faithfully interpret the Constitution, not simply serve to rubber stamp the policies of President Trump and the religious right.

. . . Kavanaugh’s dissent betrays a reckless credulity for the claims of hardship made by faith-based entities even when it comes at a clear and tangible expense to their employees.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation:


    The Freedom From Religion Foundation says President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh would be “a disaster for the constitutional principle of separation between state and church” and tilt the court to the religious right for more than a generation.


    …“If Kavanaugh is confirmed, he will unquestionably eviscerate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment,” warn FFRF Executive Directors Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor. “It seems unlikely the cherished wall of separation between state and church protecting true religious liberty could survive intact. Many of our hard-won freedoms would be gutted.”

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*We are so fucked


Fucked or not, I mean to fight back. Hell, I may even tattoo Rob Portman's email on a daily basis!

“We are so fucked.”

Bert, is that your pessimism or your optimism telling you so?


The Jewish justices are Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, and Elena Kagan.

The Roman Catholics are Chief Justice John Roberts, and Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Sonia Sotomayor.

A possible Protestant specifically Episcopalian is the latest to join the high court, Neil Gorsuch.

Further note: Judge Kavanaugh seems to think that the president should be exempt from prosecution while in office.  You know, too distracting and all that, the whole government could go to hell in a hand basket [you mean it isn't already???].  I wonder if Kavanaugh can be bothered to think back 20 years and Bill Clinton's little debacle ... or back 44 years and our buddy, Milhous.  Seems things held up back then.

This jackass is tailor-made for Orange Julius.  He empowers Donnie Dumb-Fuck to kick Roe v Wade to the curb, undo the ACA and possibly Obergefell v Hodges, and justify Dolt 45's continue stay in office.  This is 10 different kinds of fucked-up, people, and we can't afford to let it or him stand.

So many things we worked hard to get, from protections for those who labor, women's rights, and stability for those too weak to create it for themselves can be lost in one term because of Trump and a generation will be impacted by a SCOTUS led by conservatives. 

Young people don't remember what life was like before this administration and too many older ones forget. I lived through the worst of times and the best of times. This coming generation will follow that route, too.

I live in the midst of Trump-people and many of them survive on welfare. I hope I live to see them eat their words!

Joan, some thoughts that may result in an essay, or memoir of our times:

Decades ago I read that each generation has to win its freedoms. May I, without being charged with donning rose-tinted glasses, ask if America’s next generation will rewin only lost freedoms or will they win some new freedoms?

The progress made during my lifetime include these: the 1930-era creation of Social Security, WW2’s defeat of fascism, desegregated public schools, state-mandated prayer tossed from public schools, voters rights, prisoners’ tights, women’s rights, LGBT rights (including marriage), ....

We appear headed for a battle with conservatives who lost much during those decades. The GOP was before WW2 an isolationist party; it is now an xian-dominated party and it will fail as the USA becomes as secular as many European nations became after their centuries of religious warfare.

My memoir-writing class will resume in a few weeks. I may write of those decades. In a section on new advances I will tell of the 32 states—and the nation—whose voters have yet to win the direct initiative and referendum, ...if they survive climate change.

YES! I have seen these changes and the effects they have on our culture. 

"The progress made during my lifetime include these: the 1930-era

*creation of Social Security,

*WW2’s defeat of fascism,

*desegregated public schools,

*state-mandated prayer tossed from public schools,

*voters rights,

*prisoners’ rights,

*women’s rights,

*LGBT rights (including marriage), ...."

You and I knew what life was like without these hard fought for rights. 

Please do write your memoir and share them with us, especially about voter rights!

Your sentence, "We appear headed for a battle with conservatives who lost much during those decades" reveals the privileges white, male, christians lost. Lies, myths, supremacy, misogyny, mendacity, homophobia, segregation, and poverty of the elderly, women, and children. 

May I place your comment and my response on my site and on Facebook?

Joan, your placing my comment on your site and Facebook and adding your comment will do me honor.

Gee, maybe the GOP or the NSA will add us to their watch list.




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