Judge rules San Diego teacher can keep 'God' banners in class

The Religious Right wins a round in (Biff! Bang!) Poway. There may be some nasty fallout for civil liberties too. (more here)




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When I hear the words "creator" or "maker," I think of the Powerpuff Girls. >.> "Leave the professor out of this!"

He managed to incorporate his religion into his patriotism in such a way that to argue against the banners would also be unpatriotic. Also, they did make a point that other religious things were allowed to be posted on other walls. The examples given, however, are more cultural than outright religious.

I'm pretty sure someone's going to appeal to move it up to a higher court, either way.
Religion ruins everything! The church is not moral and never has been. Do not tell me how to run my life. I am an American and you do not own me! Freedom is what this country is about not repression and stupidity. Freedom of choice is the only way to operate a government. Enacting laws to hinder choice is never a good position for a government to take. Look at what happened to England. The same thing will happen here if the church and fairy tale believing people force all the people to accept draconian laws. Freedom of choice is paramount to a safe society. Without freedom of choice the people of the states may in fact remove their consent to be governed by the US government. This would be very bad for us all. One person’s moral belief is not shared by all. Don't try to make laws that hinder personal choice for all just because portions of the people are christian.

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