Update on the Tennessee judge that ordered a couple to change their baby's name from Messiah to Martin because: " Messiah was not a name, but a title that had only been earned by Jesus Christ. She said it would be tough on the boy, growing up in the mostly Christian Cocke County".

Long story short..She's been fired.

I wonder if she feels betrayed by Jesus?  She goes to bat for him and then get's fired.  That's got to hurt.

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Glad to hear it. She should not be a judge. Too biased.

good riddance to delusional rubbish! hope Melissa Moore (thew replacement) decides to live in reality! this is what happens when you dont check and are prohibited from asking vital questions about someone's "personal beliefs" before they get into any office with any authority.
religion is a dangerous mind virus!

Glad to hear this. She was too biased anyway. Messiah is a title only earned by Jesus. Wrong. Messiah is a title never earned by anybody ever!

She went to bat for Jesus, and gets fired as a result.

Good riddance. I was shocked when I read of her ruling. This proves religion is NOT harmless.




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