Donald Trump, in an unintended effort to show us how to make it in business, told us it was.

And, I hope, he told us how to fail in politics.

To make it in business, survive your competitors. Remain standing when they fall.

Donald Trump did more. He defaulted on loans, refused to pay employees and suppliers, and more.

American capitalism deserves him. Employee ownership, IMV, can repair it.

If American politics deserves him, democracy can repair it. Plutocratic oligarchy cannot.

What say you?

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I say there's an election coming up in 16 months, and I personally don't think that, having fooled the American public once, he can fool a sufficient number of them again.  As for yesterday, I thought this morning's PD said it pretty clearly:

'Nuff said.

Trump’s ways suggest a variation on Seneca’s words: religion is true, false or useful.

Trump’s ways:

1) to his base are right,

2) to his critics are wrong, and

3) to pragmatists are the new normal.

If Americans respond by enlarging democracy — by more states adopting the direct initiative, referendum and recall — the nation will sooner than without Trump adopt them.

Isn’t that the course of history, supporting Winston Churchill’s take that democracy is the worst kind of government except for all all the other kinds we have tried? And occasionally retry?

I think it odd that no previous president has done what Trump is doing. Why was that?





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