What made me stop trying to be a Christian again, was this strange analogy from a pastor. He said that having faith was hard, it's like you standing next to the edge of a rock. beyond it is all clouds or fog. Below you, you can't tell if there is just another step, or if its the edge of the cliff. Either way, you need to trust God that you won't fall and die, and you need to make that step.


I still wonder if he is a closet atheist, that analogy is too good to be true. Or he's insane.

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"That sort of echoes M.L. King's statement, " Faith is taking the next step even when you can't see the rest of the stairway"."


Lemmings have faith that the herd knows where it's going, and look where it gets them!


It's and irrational argument theologically and literally.  I'd say pop a beer and enjoy the view.  If the pastor would rather leap instead of enjoy the view then it seems clear to me that he is acting/thinking irrationally.

Yes, I definitely agree. I just can't think that irrationally.
I'm not sociopathic. I don't know if the pastor was.
I think it's entirely possible that it just didn't occur to him that there was another perspective from which to view that analogy. I remember a sermon I heard when I was still a kid going to church with my parents three times a week. It was something to the effect of "We know that intelligent design is reality because of bananas. Look at the way bananas are shaped and how easy they are to peel. Obviously bananas were made for human hands." Or hands were made for bananas. Or something else equally ludicrous. Since then I've found out that chimpanzees peel bananas from the opposite end of the bnanana, contrary to the 'christian' way I was taught to peel bananas. Also I think there are some animals that eat it without bothering to peel it. Anyway, the point was that I don't question the ability of pastors to delude themselves into thinking they've come up with a perfectly crafted analogy to mold a mind towards christianity even when they've done the opposite.

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. I expect he was entirely serious in his analogy. The leap of faith is trusting what you cannot see because God supposed said it was true.


Glad it was enough to help you see the irrationality of religious faith.




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