What made me stop trying to be a Christian again, was this strange analogy from a pastor. He said that having faith was hard, it's like you standing next to the edge of a rock. beyond it is all clouds or fog. Below you, you can't tell if there is just another step, or if its the edge of the cliff. Either way, you need to trust God that you won't fall and die, and you need to make that step.


I still wonder if he is a closet atheist, that analogy is too good to be true. Or he's insane.

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What do you all think, is he a closet atheist? Can I fuse this post with the above? For some reason it didn't show and I had to post this again.

I have no idea, though I find no reason to say yes. He just made a very poor analogy. It ignores the possibility that there is no god, and yes you will die or be injured, (in the case of a real cliff/clouds etc. etc.) However, I doubt that you'd die or be injured by taking the leap of faith in "God" as a guide for living. For me however, it would be intellectually dishonest, for I have no belief, so no reason to have faith.


If taking the leap of faith did result in death or injury, then we'd have some sort of answer to the question of: "What does faith provide?" Maybe it provides some people with comfort, but it is a comfort I must forgo in favour of honesty and being true to myself.


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A lot of modern preachers have taken Soren Kierkegaard's arguments for taking the risk of faith and turned them into bad metaphors of taking a literal leap.


You can see this idea taken literally in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, as Indiana is in the temple and finds himself at a pit that is about 100 feet wide.  The instructions tell him that to pass he has to take a leap of faith to get across.  He steps out into nothingness and suddenly finds himself standing on an invisible bridge.


I wonder if he was referring to that movie?
Why not just probe through the fog with a stick to see if there is something solid below? If a supreme being does exist, and it created humans, I don't think it would appreciate its creations walking around doing dumb shit like walking off of cliff ledges. What does that say about this supreme being's crafting skills? I think it would be pretty pissed off, like when I'm playing The Sims and they do stupid things and die after I spent all that time meticulously building them and their damn house.
Because probing the fog with a stick would be testing to see if God exists, I did say that, and he said that you shouldn't test God to see if he exists.

And yet this same God himself provides tests - handling venomous serpents without being harmed, and drinking poison without effect. "You mustn't test me, but here are the tests you can do...."


lol, I actually brought that up to the pastor, and he tried to tell me that wasn't in the Bible.
For a stick to be useful, it's have to be a very small cliff. >.> Otherwise, you're better off throwing things and seeing if you can hear them reverberate back. >.>
I think the idea was that if you could leap and not fall, then you could take a stick and tap the area where you would leap to test it first.
maybe he skipped his meds? or, ugh, yeah good choice Matt!
That sort of echoes M.L. King's statement, " Faith is taking the next step even when you can't see the rest of the stairway".  Humm......if there is no other choice and my life depends on it .. maybe.  Short of that, there are a number of ways to proceed without relying on the good graces of a somewhat unstable spook living up there somewhere .. a flashlight springs to mind.




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