June 10th Treaty of Tripoli Day spread the word please.

So the idea is that everyone that supports the separation of church and
state, not just us secular folks either, but theists that also think our government should stay out of everyone's personal religious preferences. On June 10 we will change our profile picture to the picture
of our nation's 2nd president, John Adams (here's a good picture to use),

and then update our status to read:

(Your name will be here) asks, "Did you know on June 10th 1797, then
President John Adams signed the Treaty of Tripoli, which states that
"the Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion?"

Now let's go spread the word everywhere else we can think of.
Facebook isn't the only place that those who appreciate the idea of the
separation of church and state communicate. Check your inbox and head over to all of those other sources where you talk
with others and spread the word there too.
Thanks Jeff for taking the initiative enough to get this started.

Hey once this one is up and running we'll start spreading the word about
the 4th of July event involving the Original Pledge of Allegiance that
doesn't contain the phrase "Under gOd" in it.

Thanks everyone,

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I've been spreading the news all over!
Thanks Karla, but up next we have the Independence (from religion) Day on July 4th.
This time we are all updating our status to read: "One Nation, Indivisible" to show our support for the ORIGINAL PLEDGE. The picture for your profile can be whatever you deem patriotic, or just you're regular photo. Thanks for the help. Take care
I like this idea LeeWood. The mythology surrounding our founding fathers is actually counter productive. Their true selves were much more interesting, and elevates them higher in my eyes. They men who had to over come all the same flaws the rest of humanity suffers from, in order to take a giant step in social evolution.
Thanks SGecko,

Now just be sure to change those status' and profile pics by the end of next week.
I've attached the picture that I'm using, so that you and others can just grab it
for yourselves, if you like.
Thanks for your help and happy holidays,




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