Please enjoy, via this link to a full-resolution image, a dramatic rant of a 1926 news story about Junior Atheist League teen spokesperson Christine Walker, and activist Charles Lee Smith's American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, daring to criticize barnstorming Pentecostal teen preacher Uldine Utley, who was, in turn, a disciple of Aimee Semple McPherson.

Utley, a revivalist child star ("exploited," warned the AAAA in this article) later "burned out at age twenty-four" and suffered in varied mental institutions and hospitals till her death in 1995, per Thomas A. Robinson's biography Preacher Girl. I can't find anything about Walker's later life.

For the readable higher-resolution scan of the article, go to and click on the image. Sorry I don't have a text version to post here.

Source: "Girl-Evangelist vs. Girl-Atheist," Springfield Republican (MO), December 19, 1926, p. 21 (and probably published elsewhere around that date).

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Interesting about Utley. I had forgotten all about her or McPherson. When reading backgrounds of early pioneers in religion you can note how some were almost connected at one time. I'm ex-Pentecostal and the early Methodists were sometimes pretty similar. Some of them call themselves "non-denominational" Methodists.


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