Jurist Robert Bork, former Richard Nixon temporary attorney general who fired the Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox for subpoenaing Nixon’s Oval Office tapes, defeated Ronald Reagan Supreme Court nominee, and Mitt Romney’s campaign advisor on selecting jurists in a potential Romney presidency, has died aged 85 during the night. Details of his life and career can be found at the New York Times.


Though controversial about his stances on abortion, civil rights, and contraceptive rights (no, no, and no), Bork was widely viewed as a savvy professor of Constitutional law.

After his defeat for the Supreme Court, Judge Bork retired from the Circuit Court and took up positions at conservative ideological groups and law schools, writing and speaking against what he saw as the moral decline of the country at the hands of an elite, a theme he explored in a best-selling book.

In an interview in The American Spectator in 2002, he repeated his view that a liberal elite had hijacked the nation. “Churchgoers aren’t very powerful, given their numbers,” he said. “And the intelligentsia is powerful, far beyond their numbers, because they control the hype of television. They control Hollywood. They control the newspapers. They control the foundations. They control the universities.”

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