I got a Jury Duty summons and I have to go on Monday.

How do Atheists handle the swearing in?

Can you ask for a secular swearing?

And what about the "so help me god" part?

Anyone know anything about this?

Anyone serve on a jury and have some advise.

Well - I got another Jury Duty summons .....

I was chosen for this Jury service and I served and found a verdict with the other 12.

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I don't recall having to be sworn in the one time I was on a Jury. Even if there was something like that I wouldn't mind just saying 'i do' or whatever at the end. It's just a formality. I mean all you're really agreeing to is that you'll take your job as a juror seriously. It's not like they're asking you to accept jesus as your lord and savior.

Most states have a rule on the books already. Where do you live? 

In Florida, one only raises a hand, no Bible. In most cases, they do say "so help me god", but all yo ureply is "I do" so there's no real option to avoid it. 

thank you Patrick

"I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."  should suffice for any witness giving testimony.  As a juror, I don't think any such statement is required of you.  If there was some objection to leaving out the "so help me god.", I think "Are you SERIOUS?" is an appropriate reply.

Most "swearing in statements" are, "Do you swear or AFFIRM ...". When I worked for the Denver health department I was a witness in a number of cases and that was what I was asked - and there was no, "so help me god", at the end.

I had to do the "so help me god" swearing in - but it was entire room of people - I omitted the last part. The just expect everyone to just go along with it - don't even ask if anyone object to that.

Anyway, I approached the bench and I got excused because I am enrolled in Summer Classes.

It was a Capitol Murder trial seeking death penalty - probably would have lasted from now until end of summer or longer.

yes - me too! I am so glad I am enrolled and paid in classes. I even ordered my book.

Wow!  I don't know how I would feel about that.  Deciding on someone's guilt.  I would think, Am I sure?  Am I really sure?  

Yes Sentient and such a serious crime. Too bad you can't start with easier trials to start and then move up to more experienced ones later on.

But, I'm so glad I was excused.

The first time I had jury duty when I was in my mid-20s I was placed on a murder trial.  A gang shooting.  Shot point-blank to the head while sitting in a car next to his girlfriend.  Gruesome photos and details.  The girlfriend and other supposed gang members were put on the witness stand.  Nobody had any credibility.  The girlfriend had changed her testimony on several key issues regarding clothes worn and the color of the shooters eyes and length of hair.  We ended up finding the defendant not guilty because of lack of evidence.  However, as a gang member himself, the defendant surely was not innocent of other activities that were eluded to during the trial but stricken from the record.  But those events were not what he was on trial for.  

Court trials are a VERY orderly process and details and key points are excruciatingly repeated and explained by lawyers in order to make an impact upon the jury in order to understand.  I've stated before, it's been my experience that members of the jury take their task very seriously.  If you can make a personal pledge to be an unbiased jury member, dare I say.....even a cave-man can do it.  I've found jury duty to be quite rewarding.......especially, as a few years ago, we on the jury awarded a young college kid $475.000 as a result of being hit and maimed by a reckless taxi driver.  Justice was served.  The system works.    



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