I have jury duty today and we just had to take an affirmatiin tthat ended in the words "before your god." Where did that come from?  I am extremely uncomfortable now....

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Jessica, you say, "It was a group oath and I was so shocked that I did not say anything. "

I think almost all of us are 'Monday Night Quarterbacks'.  The fact that you didn't wiggle your way out of jury duty shows a respect for our legal system, or at least the principles behind our ideal, "A jury of our peers".  So before this august body, all dressed up, and ready to "serve' , you are faced with being included in what amounts to a prayer.  It's very hard to think on your feet at such times.  You did fine.  Also, you will be called again.  Now you're ready for 'em! 

ha; it's the russian influence.. you know orthodox gansta church.. US/agencies like NASA pay em' nowdays for rides to space station.. ha.

ironically in Florida/Broward co. you don't get that in court..
all jurors do get asked their profession though. one time there was a 'creationist' and sure enough a 'secular author' as in Darwin's story ha! judge said something funny about the division within jurors go figure

I'm sure the reason jurors in Broward are not asked to pray to be on a jury, is not the beneficence of the Broward County  judges.  It is surely because some poor slob of an atheist stuck his or her neck out.  They have to be dragged kicking and screaming to face the first amendment.  They never seem to recognize it until it is shoved up their noses!

'your' god... ha as in take yer pick !? neutral way? er... yeah how about just leave it at 'unique citizen of our constitutional nation' ?

The problem with this is that if I swear an oath of truthfulness to a god that I do NOT believe in it automatically makes me guilty of perjury and therefore I should be excused from duty.

Exactly Ficking. An atheist swearing to god just to appease the people in courts starts out with a lie. You would have to state that you cannot swear to a god, as Pat said. I would proudly stand and declare my atheism.

I was on jury duty for a case a few years back. I was surprised that the jurors didn't have to swear to a god but all the witinesses did.  I also noticed that the judge on the case spent the entire time reading a bible, I am thinking it was mostly because he was bored and that was the only book he was allowed to have up there with him.

Luckily, we were let go early and I know I will not have to go back for at least two years.  I will continue to dream of world where "god" is not brought up when I walk into a government building.

If all we do "is continue to dream" we may as well pray!  Do nothing, and be read a prayer to "say after me" in 2 years, in that same court house.  

Complacency is like that, true.

We ain't gonna' fix this one singin' Kumbaya...



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