I post here every so often but I have taken the task to create something truly helpful to the community. About 5 to 6 years ago my father doubted his faith, oddly the exact same time as me yet we never conversed about it O.o. Anyways he took upon himself the task of writing an essay, merely as a personal reminder to himself, regarding the Historical Evidence surrounding the Bible. The essay went from a 10 page reminder to a close to 200 page read. My father is not tech savvy and has no time to ever post this work for others to read. I am taking the responsibility of posting the entire work on a blog I've created for one reason, to help whoever reads it to learn more about the Bible. The work is open to any and all criticism. The paper can only get better if revision is necessary. My question to AtheistNexus is this: Who would actually be interested in regular postings of the essay and take the time to read this? Tho goal is to help fellow non-believers have an extra comeback to any christian apologist. Feedback would be nice :) Thank you for reading. 

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I'd be glad to read it.

I know quite a bit about the topic in question so I think I'd be able to offer potential criticisms too. I'm a big sucker for fairness though, so I'd have a few things to say should you overstate your case :P

Criticism is more than welcomed. Ill post a link on this discussion once the first part is up. With time being short I will only be able to post the essay in parts, probably weekly.


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