There is a commercial running on MSNBC with rev Al Sharpton. He is talking about equality and then goes into the end of the pledge of alliagience. He leaves out "under god" though. I just thought it was rather thoughtful. It's the little things sometimes.

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Maybe he learned something from Christopher Hitchens ... who cleaned Sharpton's clock the one time I saw them debate!

Yeah, I noticed it too. I started omitting those two words many years ago.

With a kind of glee I point out that during both World Wars (those in the 1900s) the belt buckles of German soldiers had the words "GOTT MITT UNS" (god is with us) on them.

Hidden away in the book Masters and Commanders by Andrew Roberts (about Roosevelt and Churchill) is the statistic that during WW2, German soldiers were 50% more efficient at killing than Allied soldiers. Roberts said this was true whether the Germans were advancing, retreating, or fighting in place.

Most people "switch"; in our personal relationships we let circumstances determine whether we "top" (play the dominant role) or "bottom" (play the submissive role). The people who gave America the words "under god" gave us as well their preferred submissive role.

Friedrich Nietzsche said xian morality is that of slaves--turn the other check, the meek inherit the earth, etc, etc, etc.

You might find it interesting that this spokesman for the Ubermann gave the words "god is dead" to an Untermann (an insane man). In doing so he gave himself plausible deniability; when scolded by xians he could reply "An insane man said it!"

"Is that übermensch story true, ...?

I read the story in which Nietzsche wrote "god is dead" but the writing group I was in were reading so much Nietzsche that I don't remember the title.

It's my guess that the phrase is in Wikipedia.


I just checked. Wikipedia says more than that Nietzsche used the phrase in four of his works. In Also sprach Zarathustra, an insane man gave the words eternal life.

Second thought:

"...when I see a theist sweat over that information, immediately after they've just informed me that "Hitler was an atheist". Riiiiiight."

Good point, Mathew; I will use the belt buckle slogan to reply to the "H. was an atheist" line. I do enjoy turning theists' remarks around and watching them sweat.

I haven't yet seen it. Tho I would bet it is just a fluke rather than evidence he has matured. He has not stopped calling himself reverend has he?

As such, he lies to people for a living. Personally I have way more respect for hookers and drug dealers. They both provide some product or service in exchange for t money they get from their community.




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