After seeing so many posts about Rapture Ready ( RR) in FSTDT I signed up and lurked for a while. I have a religious background and fairly good knowledge of the bible and various texts.

After a few weeks I made a few posts mainly in the political areas suggesting that perhaps President Obama may not be the antichrist, that it would appear that he had presented sufficient evidence of his birth documentation to convince the US Supreme court and that Jesus had commanded Christians but obey and respect those placed in authority above them and that spreading false rumors actually broke one of the 10 commandments re " Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor."

The end result of this heresy was that I have been banned from RR :-( "Boo Hoo"

The statement regarding my banning I think is classic fundy speak, I was not notified when I went to post a message, this message came up:

"You have been banned for the following reason:

No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

And the Contact Us function was:

"Sorry. The email function has been disabled by the administrator."

So for suggesting they may possibly have not got things quite right and giving biblical references to back my argument the result is banned for ever, no reason given and no discussion possible :-)

Feel that good old christian love and warmth !

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All I can say is you have a strong stomach, that place creeps me out (like having to listen to Rush Limbaugh yucccck!) but congrats on the banning!
I'm shocked!!!

What? None of the tolerance, none of the patience these yokels, uh, I mean “saints” expect from you when they go on and on about the End of Days? Hmm. Maybe the administrator didn't like you taking scripture . . . uh, what do they call it? Oh, yeah: out of context. And you know that only their leadership can interpret Scripture correctly. That's it. You took scripture out of context.

Perfectly explains why they didn't have to provide you with a specific explanation as to why you were banned. Suppose they figured the Holy Spirit would do it for em' anyway, eh?

Need an extra crying hankie?
They will only listen to people who already agree with them 100%
Just reading the Rules of Rapture Ready :-)

Some interesting stuff there !!!!!

[05] Do not promote unscriptural ideologies. Do not attack the Christian faith in the guise of "wanting to learn", for entertainment purposes of arguments and debates. Do not promote insurrection propaganda or fear based threads on FEMA camps and other government conspiracies. Our primary focus is current news regarding biblical prophecy.

The board is alive with wild conspiracy theories and government plots against Christians !

[10] Treat others with dignity & respect (as you like being treated). No name calling, teasing, wisecracks, talking down to, or belittling members or the Moderation Team. No sowing discord in a joking or argumentative behavior in the spirit of dissension or the guise of 'just kidding', or off hand comments of how you have been treated by others. Rationally discuss the argument and do not attack our members or mods. Luke 6:31

I was being polite and discussing religion and world affairs and was attacked because my views differed from theirs.

[16] We believe that the Holy Bible (old and new testaments, 66 books) is the only true Word of God in its entirety and fullness, is perfect without error and not open to private interpretations. We invite you to be a Berean and carefully examine the scriptures. Disagreement with a certain translation is not a personal attack.

Their interpretation of the bible was the only correct version my interpretation was wrong !

[22] Do Not Judge In An Unrighteous Manner - Determining that someone is less of, or not truly a Christian because of a perceived lack of spiritual gifts, worship style, observance or non-observance of holidays, divorced or remarried, political affiliation, not voting for a specific candidate, dressing a certain way, believing in free will, experiencing various trials, or because someone who confesses they are saved by grace through faith in Christ, is not judging righteously. All members are encouraged to examine and judge doctrine in light of Biblical truth, but their eternal salvation is judged only by Jesus Christ. (John 7:24;Matthew 7:1-2; John 5:25-29, I Corinthians 4:5)

My worst sin was a suggested Obama may not actually be the antichrist :-)
oh no, you'll never be ready for the rapture now D:
I am always fascinated by how other peoples thought processes work.

Perhaps because I have a very tentative grasp on my own reality :-)

Having a mind that is not only closed but their minds appear totally locked , chained and set in concrete !

All this from people who preach kindness and love !
Remember that they are frightened little kids hiding behind a "GREAT BIG GOD PROTECTOR"

When you actually read their posts it is quite sad how frightened they are and how afraid of dying they are !!!

I could not live with that constant level of fear in my life.




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