Just created an Atheist/Freethought blog and looking for contributors.

I just created a blog regarding atheism, skepticism, agnosticism and all that jazz. I've been writing an article per day for that last week and I'm pretty satisfied so far, but it would be cool if other people joined in and pitched in. Whatever you guys feel like would be good.I'd be especially interesting in "coming out" stories. My whole family is atheist like me, so I was always surround by atheist people and never went through the whole "coming out" experience.

Anyway, if nobody wants to pitch in, it's fine, just some constructive criticism of the site would be cool. Stuff to add, layout and such . . .


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interested in mirroring/resource sharing? I have a CMS I'll be standing up soon and would love more contributors (without stealing traffic from one-another ;-) ). I'll private message the info over when it's up.


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