I am what I consider myself as a philosopher to a small extent, I personally am just seeing if there is anyone out there that is a member of this organization that enjoys discussing this field... has anyone heard of Baron d' Holbach and his studies, as well as Schopenhauer, I have been digging this atheistic out look on life and I just hope that i can have someone of intellectual to discuss this with... such delightful words of appreciation of skepticism... trenchcoat from south texas

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I've never been a fan of the Continentals, but I'd certainly consider myself a philosopher. There are a lot of people here, it seems, that enjoy this sort of discussion--if you've got something you want to talk about, toss it out there!
Indeed, my friend. 'm not big on Schopenhauer but go ahead buddy! Let's armchair it up!
have any of you read the doctrine on the will to life by schopenhauer, or one of my all time favorite books is his "Book on Pessisim", its out of this world... I am a big fan I his thought...
I mean I look at the way schopenhauer has thought about noumenal reality... and its insane, its inspiring that he took the world and broke it down to a vision, and he made it possible and set a great example of the mockery of religion, and the restraints it has on the human species. The World as Will and Idea is off the chain, I studied it hard serving a prison sentence for 18 months, and other philosophers as well but schopenhauer is my favorite, kant, plato too...




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