Just in case you still think the Olympics is about sports...

Branding police.

Even spectators will not be allowed to wear clothing with a logo not of an official sponsor. All competing logos removed from the area.

And like all these insane actions, the government provides the enforcement muscle. Corporate state at it's craziest.


[BTW The author of that blog post is no MJ reading, anti business leftie]

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Jay, I'm blaming you for the carpet burn on my chin.  It is five minutes later, and I am still having a hard time closing my mouth.

That's nothing. Here's some observations from quite possibly the best sportswriter you never heard of, Dave Zirin:

Can you say security overkill?: http://www.edgeofsports.com/2012-05-14-729/index.html

It's not cheap, but there still will be protests. Don't expect coverage from NBC: http://www.edgeofsports.com/2012-05-22-730/index.html

And a final warning: The London Olympics may be in trouble: http://www.edgeofsports.com/2012-05-30-731/index.html

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the Olympics and their ideals. I'll be watching pretty much constantly for those two weeks in July and August. But I'm also aware of their cost and the corporatism that's been taking over. Avery Brundage was a complete and utter asswipe (not to mention elitist and racist, among other things), but I doubt he'd allow what the Olympics have become today.

Wow.  That's all I got.


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